Website Options

Setting Up an Author Website – The Options

Do I really need a website? I always tell authors, when it comes to branding, the brand starts with YOU. Your name is on the book cover. Where do you think readers will go to find out more about you? The same way you leave work each day to head home, you need a solid home on the internet. When a reader is searching for more information its ideal that your author website tops the ...
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2017 Recap

Plan Your 2017 Book Marketing with Monthly Themes (Download Calendar Templates)

A blank calendar can seem daunting if you're not sure how to come up with book marketing ideas. Monthly themes offer an easy way to fill-in a calendar since month has a holiday and/or observances. Every fall many authors publish Christmas-theme books in time for the holidays. I believe all ...
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Goodbye 2016

Blog Posts You Liked or Missed – The Literary Entrepreneur 2016 Recap

This is the annual The Literary Entrepreneur Yearly Recap blog post to remind you of what you've may have missed in the past year. First, let me share with you in 2017, I will introduce a brand new series, Is Your Book Ready for Publishing? Be on the lookout for ...
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TLE Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Visit the Freebies Library

Happy Holidays! This blog posts includes year-round gifts. If you have not yet, I want to invite you to enjoy our FREE offerings. Download Social Media Planning Guide Inside the Social Media Planning Guide for Authors you will: Select a social media management tool that works for you Learn how ...
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Access ALL Freebies from the TLE Library

Our mission at The Literary Entrepreneur is to help authors learn how to attract readers. REGISTER to access planning guides, checklists, worksheets, templates and more. New content will be added each quarter and you will receive an email about newly added items. This content will always be free to members ...
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Social Media Management Tools

7 Tools That Help You Balance Social Media and Writing (FREE Planning Guide)

Book marketing is the last thing you want to be doing when the characters start talking and/or ideas start flowing for the next book. While you're offline writing, there is no need to completely disappear from social media. Remember if you've previously published books, you don't want the momentum to ...
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FacebookChecklist 1

Creating a Community on Facebook for Readers

Facebook is by far the easiest social network to set-up a profile and connect to others. As of the second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion active users making it the largest social media network. With that many people it's an ideal platform to find your target reading audience ...
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