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Creating a Community on Facebook for Readers

Facebook is by far the easiest social network to set-up a profile and connect to others. As of the second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion active users making it the largest social media network. With that many people it's an ideal platform to find your target reading audience. Let's take a look at the different ways you can create a community for readers. 1 | Facebook Profile Page The profile page is what ...
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Guest Paulette Harper

Guest Blog | 7 Ways to Fuel Your Writing by Paulette Harper @pauletteharper

Every writer needs inspiration. No matter how many books one has written, there are times when we need a little inspiration to get us going. Many times I sit at my computer, starting at the blank screen, waiting for words to start flowing. Sometimes they do, sometimes I need a ...
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How to Provide Value Beyond the Book with Blogging by Tyora Moody

How to Provide Value “Beyond the Book” With Blogging (Updated: WordPress Course)

Earlier this year, I wrote a web series called "Digging Into Online Marketing for Authors." I covered content marketing and how having valuable content is really essential to building a platform. In my opinion, content marketing offers authors a way to create targeted book marketing that can provide value beyond ...
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Author Branding Checklist for Twitter (FREE Email Course)

Did you sign up for Twitter a few months ago or over a year ago, and you’re still not sure what to do with the platform? Do you just tweet without much thought or strategy? In this post, we will focus on making sure your profile is appealing to readers ...
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Instagram Author Branding Checklist

Author Branding Checklist for Instagram Profile (FREE Email Course)

Are you an author who has recently created an Instagram account? Readers are looking to connect with you on social media. It's probably not a good idea to create an account and leave it incomplete, which I see authors do all the time. If you're serious about using Instagram, taking ...
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How to Provide Value “Beyond the Book” With Infographics

Authors will learn how to create infographics from materials inside their book. Infographics are a great way to represent information visually. This is the last blog post in the How to Provide Value Beyond the Book series. According to Wikipedia, "Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, ...
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Beyond the Book Visual Content

How to Provide Value Beyond the Book with Visual Content

Finally, I get to return to this completing series. I'm going to spend the last two blog posts in the Beyond the Book series on the importance of visual content. After your book release, there are many ways to make your book visible to potential readers. You might be thinking, ...
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