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Content Marketing: What Value Do You Bring To Readers?

You may or may not have heard the term “content is king.” In recent years, there has been a movement among ...
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Authors, Are You Building a Mailing List?

You may have heard the term, "Build Your List," used by entrepreneurs or marketers. Capturing the email address of the readers who ...
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The Literary Entrepreneur Podcast


TLE #023: Interview with Jeanette Hill, JWHill Productions

Have you ever thought about adapting your book to being a stage production? Well you are in for a treat ...
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TLE #022: Interview with Cheryl Aaron Corbin, Augusta Literary Festival

The Augusta Literary Festival is coming up later this week. Yours truly is delighted to be able to participate as ...
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Book Marketing Tips


5 Ways Authors Can Engage Facebook Fans

A few weeks ago I posted Creating a Community for Readers on Facebook. If you chose to create a Facebook Business Page, ...
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TLE Report 1/23/15 – Get Pocket, Oven Baked Secrets and eBooks Aren’t Going Anywhere

It's the weekend, baby!  This week I have a tool that helps you gather and view content on any device ...
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