How To Select Best Genre

How to Select the Best Genre for Your Book

In order to for word-of-mouth marketing to start for your book, it's really important to know your genre. Knowing the reader most likely to be interested in your book will define your book marketing goals. There are readers who read across multiple genres, but generally most readers have a few favorite genres they may enjoy reading more. As you decide on a publishing route, understanding your genre helps too. If you want to work with a ...
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Don’t ROCK Fear Blog Tour with LaShaunda Hoffman

Thanks for following the Don’t ROCK Fear Blog Tour. Welcome to day two of the tour.  I would like to thank Tyora for letting me share with you today. Today’s Promotion Fear - Not Attracting An Audience When I chat with my clients during the virtual tea I ask them, ...
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5 Ways to Improve Your Back Cover Summary

In my years of working with authors via Tywebbin Creations, I have read many back cover summaries that left me scratching my head. In some cases I have emailed the author back and asked, “What is your book really about?” So we didn't have a "messy" back cover summary, I have worked ...
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Writerpreneurs Spring Virtual Summit

Writerpreneurs Spring Virtual Summit – March 16-18, 2017

I'm excited about an event coming up next month.  If you have not already, I want to encourage you to reserve your seat for the FREE Empowered Writerpreneurs Spring Virtual Summit happening March 16-18, 2017. The summit is hosted by Felicia Killings and includes eight (8) experts within the publishing industry. I ...
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Don’t Skip the Editing Process

There has been a phenomenal growth in the independent publishing industry which has removed some stigmas from a decade ago. Still, let's be honest, there are way too many authors who should’ve waited before pressing the publishing button. In this business, if you publish a book with your ego as ...
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Website Options

Setting Up an Author Website – The Options

Do I really need a website?  I always tell authors, when it comes to branding, the brand starts with YOU. Your name is on the book cover. Where do you think readers will go to find out more about you? The same way you leave work each day to head home, you ...
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2017 Recap

Plan Your 2017 Book Marketing with Monthly Themes (Download Calendar Templates)

A blank calendar can seem daunting if you're not sure how to come up with book marketing ideas. Monthly themes offer an easy way to fill-in a calendar since month has a holiday and/or observances. Every fall many authors publish Christmas-theme books in time for the holidays. I believe all books have themes ...
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