BufferApp, Zuckerberg’s Book Club and U.S. Millennials

BufferApp, Zuckerberg’s Book Club and U.S. Millennials <3 Real Books

This week, there were predictions about 2015 from Smashwords Mark Coker, a new book club was started by a world-famous person and who knew that millennials really love “real” books. Trends are saying ebooks are slowing down, but that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

But before we get to the news and happenings, check out one of my favorite apps.

Featured Tool: BufferApp.com

I think for you to not become overwhelmed with social media, you need to use some type of social media management tool. We all know social media is important, but it can also be a serious time waster if you don’t manage your time and plan your posts. Now I certainly don’t think you should automate and never show up in person. There are times you need to take a break … especially when you’re suppose to be writing towards a deadline.

I discovered BufferApp about two year ago after being a Hootsuite user for some time. In fact, for awhile I used both apps before I finally decided using two social media management tools was kind of defeating the purpose of time management.

I have to say my deciding factor to solely use BufferApp was because it’s so darn user friendly. I’m a techie, but Hootsuite can have a slight learning curve. BufferApp is so super easy to set up and with the handy Google Chrome extension, I so enjoy sharing articles.

bufferapp2I didn’t like the BufferApp for the iPhone for awhile, but recently I decided to download it again when I upgraded to the iPhone 6.  Nice! I was very pleased with how easy it was to schedule to Buffer on my iPhone. I actually might be enjoying it a bit too much because my sharing has increased.

I do need to be transparent and let you know I PAY for the service, but this is in no way an affiliate post.  I’m not trying to sell you on BufferApp. On the Awesome plan, I manage about about 7 Twitter accounts, 4 Facebook business pages and my LinkedIn account. Being able to manage up to 12 accounts is pretty sweet.

The $10/month investment is worth it to me, but you can definitely use BufferApp for free. On the free plan, you can connect to one per each social network. For example, one Facebook, one Twitter, one Linked In, etc.  You can also store up to 10 posts at a time. That may work for up to a few days of scheduling. If you want to schedule a lot further out, the Awesome plan allows you to schedule up to 200 posts.

This Week’s Literary News

I love curating content on Twitter. These are stories that caught my eye this week that you might have missed.

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