Get Pocket, Oven Baked Secrets and eBooks Aren’t Going Anywhere

Get Pocket, Oven Baked Secrets and eBooks Aren’t Going Anywhere

It’s the weekend, baby!  This week I have a tool that helps you gather and view content on any device even if you have no internet connection.  Super cool!  As usual, I’m sharing some links that caught my interest or the interest of others on my Twitter accounts. First up, I want to share “a literary source” that I like to check out each week to find out the latest trends in publishing and the book business.

Featured Tool: Pocket

There are many ways to bookmark or save links to your favorites depending on your preferred device or browser. It doesn’t take long for those saved links to get out-of-control.  Finding a tool that helps you save and sync links across your devices is essential. Some of the popular tools out there are Evernote, Read It Later, Instapaper, etc.

For many years, my favorite app for gathering links and notes has been Evernote. To a certain degree, I still use Evernote, but not as heavily as I once did.  I do like the “notebooks” feature and mainly use Evernote to organize my research for my books.

If you have been following my run-down of tools and resources, then you might have noticed I really enjoy an app that works well on all devices. The Evernote app wasn’t do that for me. It was a bit more complex than I would have liked. I needed an app that allowed me to capture links, articles and ideas quickly when I was surfing on my iPad or iPhone. That tool over the past few months has become Pocket.

Initially when I ran across Pocket, I didn’t take to it right away on the desktop.  It wasn’t until I downloaded the Pocket iOS app that I started to really enjoy using this tool.  I love curating and sharing content.  Of course there isn’t enough time in the day to stop and read every article or blog post I come across. Pocket makes it pretty easy to save articles and links for reading later. I also really love the tagging feature and the clean interface. What’s even cooler about Pocket is you don’t need an Internet connection. So if you are somewhere without Wi-Fi, you can catch up on those articles you have saved.

If you’re interesting in trying out Pocket, you can install the app on an iPhone or Android device as well as add as a browser extension (I’m a Google Chrome user). According to their website and ratings, over 12 million people are enjoying using Pocket.

A Literary Source


Media Bistro GalleyCat | Visit Website

Media Bistro GalleyCat is a really good source for authors and “literary entrepreneurs” to keep up with trends. I consider them the “news” blog for authors, writers and publishers.

Here are some recent posts of interest from this past week:


This Week’s Literary News

I love curating content on Twitter. These are stories that caught my eye this week that you might have missed.

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