Guest Blog | Book Promotion – The Never Ending Story by LaShaunda Hoffman

Guest Blog | Book Promotion – The Never Ending Story by LaShaunda Hoffman

Promotion is a never ending story.  You are always promoting your book even in your sleep.  I teach promoting and one of the main complaints I hear from my clients is that they are overwhelmed from writing, promoting and life.

This writing career can be overwhelming if you try to do too many things at one time.  I suggest to my clients to choose 3 to 5 things to do for promotion and that’s what they focus on.  Don’t try to do everything because you will become overwhelmed and you won’t do anything.

Try to pick a couple of things that you like to do and have fun with it.  For instance you can choose to do a newsletter, social media, blogging, online radio and a few paid sites. Here are three suggestions below:

1. Create A Plan

Creating a plan for your promotion, will help you stay on track with your promotion.

How often will you put out your newsletter?

  • Will it be a weekly/monthly/quarterly newsletter?
  • How long will it be?
  • What content will you feature in it?
  • How will you send it out? (email/mail)

How often will you participate on social media?

Where are your readers?  That’s the social media platforms you should be on.

  • Facebook is great for building relationships.  You can join groups and create your own groups.
  • Instagram is great for featuring events and book covers.
  • Twitter is great for quick interaction with your readers.
  • Pinterest is great for creating boards that draw your readers to them.
  • Periscope is a new platform to reach new readers its livestreaming with instant engagement.

How often will you blog?

  • Will it be a daily/weekly/monthly?
  • What will you blog about?

How many radio interviews would you like to participate in?

  • Which radio shows feature your genre?
  • Listen to a few to make sure they are a good fit for you.
  • What are their guidelines for pitching your stories?

2. Try Paid Sites

One of the best things about promotion, is you can always turn your promotion over to someone else to do for you.  There are many sites that will help you with promoting your books.  SORMAG Promotions – for example is one place to help you.  Do a search or ask your writer friends what sites they use for promotion.

  1. Check out the sites that feature your genre?
  2. What are their prices?
  3. Can they fit in your promotion budget?
  4. Pay for your promotion

3. Use A Calendar

I recommend you use a calendar to create your schedule for your promotion.

  • You will have two types of dates.  One to create your contact and one for dates your promotion will go out.
  • Creating content is a whole different blog post.  However you need content for your newsletters, blog posts and social media posts.  You need to schedule time to write your content and find content.
  • I recommend using a social media manager to schedule your promotion. or
  • Pick a day to set up your promotion.  Scheduling your promotion helps free up time for your writing.

Building Online a RelationshipsDon’t let promotion take you to “never never” land.  Take control of your promotion and you will see a difference in your sales and the readers you meet.

Thank you, Tyora for this opportunity to talk with your readers today.  I hope that you all gained a few tips that will help you to start working on your promotion so it won’t be a never ending story but a happy ending one.

LaShaunda C. Hoffman is the owner of Hoffman Content LLC. This summer she published her first book – Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time. She’s the publisher of award winning Shades Of Romance Digital Literary Magazine, and also has a coaching business, Virtual Tea With LaShaunda, where she teaches writers and business about using online promotion to reach their clients.

Catch her online: SORMAG –, See Ya On The Net, her personal site – , Facebook, Twitter – lashaundaH or the new platform Periscope @sormag where she’s scoping about book promotion.

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