How to Provide Value “Beyond the Book” With Blogging (Updated: WordPress Course)

How to Provide Value “Beyond the Book” With Blogging (Updated: WordPress Course)

Earlier this year, I wrote a web series called Digging Into Online Marketing for Authors.” I covered content marketing and how having valuable content is really essential to building a platform.

In my opinion, content marketing offers authors a way to create targeted book marketing that can provide value beyond the book. There is a commitment level to this type of marketing. When you’re armed with an editorial calendar, you can plan for consistent marketing of your book(s) all year long. You definitely want new readers to become aware of your books and other products, but you also want them to know they can trust you. Building that trust via regular blogging combined with social media definitely provide alternatives to the typical, “Buy My Book” post. I mean what better way to attract readers than to give them writing that’s worth to reading.

My Blogging Journey (or My Love Affair with WordPress)

I personally began blogging in 2005. This was before I even thought about writing a book. I started off with posting devotions and bible studies on a blog I called CookieAisle. If you’re wondering about that name, you can visit my author website, where I still have many of those older posts.

I started using WordPress and now a decade later, I still enjoy using platform. There are many blogging platforms, but I believe and are the most popular. I started off with the self-hosted I always get questions about what’s the difference.

Take a sneak peek at my NEW course,  Step-by-Step Author Website with WordPress, for a video about WordPress hosting.

TLE COURSE AuthorWebsites4

After choosing your platform here are three ideas below to think about for your blog.

1. Use the Blog to Further Explore a Theme or Niche

It’s really important to develop a consistent way to draw traffic to your book and your author brand. I strongly believe an author website is your most important presence online and all social media should lead back to the website, preferably for building a mailing list. A website by itself can be pretty static so having a blog can serve as an excellent website companion for building an online platform.

Before you jump full speed into blogging, you should choose your book’s theme or niche. If this blog is a way to expand value beyond your book, the the niche will closely resemble your book(s).  Don’t think of it as if you’re putting info from the book out there for free. Is should be content that is complementary and in some case with a blog more timely.

I keep up with the publishing industry and there are constant changes that there is no way you can include in a book. Let’s look at examples of blogging beyond the book, I currently operate three blogs that have the soul purpose of supporting the specific book series.

(1) – You’re here already!  This blog serves as the spin-off to The Literary Entrepreneur Toolkit. The main goals are to help authors learn how to attract readers for their books. I keep up with publishing trends as well as online marketing trends.

(2) – This is blog is technically operated by a fictional character. My goal is to emphasize themes from The Eugeena Patterson Mysteries that include baby boomers, diabetes and southern life from the perspective of the main character.


(3) – This blog is the a place for women in business to share and find faith-based advice. It’s also the home for the Stepping Into Victory Compilation series. The first book, When Women Become Business Owners, includes 22 women in business.


As you can see the three projects above were all very separate in audience and topics. To really expand and find audiences, I needed to pull these away from my official author website so I was hitting people with too much.

So, think about your book (s). What are some themes and topics you can expand on AND consistently blog about on a regular basis?

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2. Try out Video Blogging

If writing daily or several times a week for a blog doesn’t appeal to you, you might consider video blogging.  Videos are really easy to create these days via a webcam or your smartphone camera.  Setting up a Youtube channel that shares your blog name is a great way to grab traffic. Google owns Youtube and Google loves bloggers. Why not combine both worlds so you can get a high ranking in Google?

I’m going to talk later about video marketing, but I definitely want to briefly mention Periscope in this post.  It is mobile only, so to really check it out, download the Apple App or Android App.

Find out more about Periscope at @periscope Follow me at tyoramoody.

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3. Join Forces to Create a Group-Authored Blogs

Another alternative is to start a blog with a group of writers or authors. Each contributing writer can be assigned one day a week (or month) to add a blog post. Some existing group-authored blogs may offer guest blog opportunities.  Below are a few blogs that follow this model.  I write suspense, so I follow quite a few suspense and mystery blogs.

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Okay folks, there are three blogging ideas for you. Be sure to follow my Pinterest board below because I’m always pinning new pins about blogging.

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Tyora Moody is the author of Soul-Searching Suspense novels in the Reed Family Novellas, Eugeena Patterson Mysteries, Serena Manchester Series and the Victory Gospel Series. She is also the author of the nonfiction book, The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, and the compilation editor for the Stepping Into Victory Compilations under her company, Tymm Publishing LLC.

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