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While working on The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit – Second Edition, I realized there was a lot more I could add about author websites.  After much consideration, I decided it was best to fully expand on this topic in a separate book.

I believe an author’s website is the center of their book marketing especially when you want to establish authority in your field, build a robust mailing list or provide unique experiences for your readers.

The Step-by-Step Author Website Guide is a how-to guide to creating and managing a professional website that attracts readers. In this guide, I will serve as your author website coach and you will learn how to:

  • Nail down the hosting option that works for you
  • Prepare your website budget
  • Define Your Author Brand
  • The Essentials You Need to Build Your Website
  • Consider the Benefits of Blogging
  • How To Attract Readers to Your Website

If you would like an organized way to keep track of your website budget, maintenance schedule and traffic building plans, be sure to download the free companion to this guide, the Step-by-Step Author Website Workbook.

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Tyora Moody is the author of Soul-Searching Suspense novels in the Reed Family Novellas, Eugeena Patterson Mysteries, Serena Manchester Series and the Victory Gospel Series. She is also the author of the nonfiction book, The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, and the compilation editor for the Stepping Into Victory Compilations under her company, Tymm Publishing LLC.

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