TLE #006: Beyond the Book with Renee Wiggins, RD. LD.

TLE #006: Beyond the Book with Renee Wiggins, RD. LD.

Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Renee Wiggins, RD. LD. has been hosting several phenomenal telesummits this year. The telesummits evolved from her 2013 book release, Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom.

We sit down to talk to her about how she has gone beyond the book to reach her new readers.


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Welcome, welcome to this edition of The Literary Entrepreneur Podcast. I am your host, Tyora Moody.  I’m so excited to have you back for another episode.  As promised I am not going to always do the talking.  So today we have a literary entrepreneur who I am going to interview today. We are going to be talking about how you can go beyond the book when we talk about book marketing.

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Interview with Renee Wiggins
Author and Owner of

All right I am really excited today because I have a friend and an author who is coming up and really  when I saw  what she was doing I said I have to get her on the podcast.  She is doing something that I think a lot of authors don’t think about and that is beyond the book. That’s beyond just telling people to buy your book.

What are some elements or topics you can bring to an audience to grow your platform and attract more readers? How can you draw people’s interest to not only your book you have out now, but future books that you may have in the related genre.

Without further ado we are going to step in and listen in to my interview with licensed dietician, Renee Wiggins.

Tyora Moody: Welcome to another edition of The Literary Entrepreneur Podcast.   I am your host, Tyora Moody, and today I am really excited to bring to you another interview with another fellow literary entrepreneur. Her name is Renee Wiggins and she is a certified health and wellness coach.

Today Renee is going to come on and talk to us a bit about her business, her book and also about an exciting telesummit that is coming up the week April 28, 2014.  So I am going to jump right into the interview. I would like say to Renee Wiggins, welcome to The Literary Entrepreneur Podcast.

Renee Wiggins: Welcome, thank you very much. I am glad to be here.

Tyora Moody: Okay, thank you so much. I am definitely an admirer. I like seeing how you are helping people learn how to eat correctly, share information about nutrition and fitness.  Something that I probably need sometimes, that’s stress management. So I am really excited to talk to you today. So before we get into what you do, tell us a little bit about yourself, Renee.

Renee Wiggins: Well I am a typically baby boomer. Plus I like to do gardening. I like cake decorating and I like to crochet and knit, occasionally walk. I like to really exercise every day and my main thing in life or my personal mission in life is to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle.  So you would see I’m a helper, I’m a giver, a leader and I am a woman that really thrust into the health community to really get the word out about getting exercise and living stress-free.

Tyora Moody: I am definitely familiar with how you have been growing your business and your business is called Results by Renee.  I can definitely tell that you’re interested in helping people become better physically as well as spiritually.  Tell us when did you start Results By Renee. How long have you been in business and what are some of the services you offer?

Renee Wiggins: I have been in business for over 15 years. It first started out Results by Renee and personal training. My tagline was stepping into fitness, but as the years go on, you always add something to it.

I met a young lady who was massage therapist. As a personal trainer, a lot of my clients came in the evening so during the day I had nothing to do. She taught me how to do Swedish massage. I added that other piece.  I also added the nutrition, the fitness, and the stress management and as time went on I started to develop more and more modalities to it.

Results By Renee is a result of working in the hospital and seeing African American people coming into the hospital and not getting the care they should deserve. For me to go into the community, we must preach preventative message first like learning how to prevent heart disease, diabetes hypertension and reducing your risk of obesity. This is one way to reduce your risk of always going into the hospital for the care. I also wanted to teach them to become their own advocates. That is Results By Renee really got started. I wanted to work in the community, giving the access and the tools to better improve their health.

Tyora Moody: I guess as you were looking for ways to get the word out to the people, when I look at your website, it appears books became a really good way to spread that information.  You have several books and e-books. What was your first book?

Renee Wiggins: My first book was called Can I Exercise Sitting Down. Here I am in my 50s and a lot of my clienteles were in their 20s. They worked eight hour shift and then they come see me.  I didn’t really realize that the concept oh you have to get up, maybe 2 hours before going to work and they may have to be in traffic for an hour. They come to me to get work out and see me and that I am hyper and energetic.  I really want to work them out and they would say, “Can I do this sitting down. That’s how I developed the first Can I Exercise Sitting Down.

I developed a program of exercise they could do from their chair. They thought they were getting off easy exercises.  Tyora, No.  No. No. I really worked them hard so they were still sweating and still in pain.  I said, “Wow!  I should develop like a manual so people can know you don’t have to have asthma or be severely overweight.  Anybody from 18-9, you  can still get a workout from the chair. That is how I got involved with Can I Exercise Sitting Down.

The other books came as more and more of my journey had progressed.  I have clients who came to me as a nutritionist. She came in and she sat in and I realized she put all her problems onto me.  I sat there and thought, “I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m a nutritionist. “So after she finished and she said, “I’m glad I got this out.”

So I realized that in order for me to teach people about nutrition and exercise, I had to have to take things off their plate to put the good things on their plate. That’s how I developed my other book, Stressed Out and Lift  Up.  It began as a 30-day manual with lots of stress management techniques that they can use to improve quality of life and to develop a stress-free life.

Tyora Moody:  I saw in your latest book that you, I think that came out  last year 2013) that you’re really doing a lot of big things with that book  That book is title Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom. So I wanted to ask how the book connects with what is called the Spiritual Body Building:  Change Your Mind, Change Your Temple, Change Your Life and it’s the 2014 telesummit. I remember when you started doing that book Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom. Is telesummit kind of an offshoot from the book? How did that come about?

Renee Wiggins: This is another part of my life and I guess I’m getting older, waking up with aches and pains.  One time I sprained my ankle in June and the physical therapist didn’t really release me until September. That’s when I realized I am not as young as I used to be. The exercises I could do when I was in my 20s, I could not do now and how stressful an 8-hour job. You have to commute to work and then you come home. If the job is very stressful, the last thing on your mind is exercise.

So this is another part of my journey that I’ve realized I now have to be physically fit but I also have to be spiritually fit in order for me to  serve God, and to serve other  people I have to be in that mindset.

So Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom: A 40-day Journey to Wellness.  It became another, I guess, avenue for me to teach people that you don’t have to look like a certain person to be physically and spiritually fit.

The book is a 40-day format.   The other books were 30 days, but I increased this one more because it take longer for people to accept the idea, to accept change.

So  Spiritual Body Building:  Change Your Mind, Change Your Temple, Change Your Life.  It’s kind of like a subdivision or daughter of these specific part in God’s Kingdom. It is an extension to let people know that there are other people out there who are with the same things that they have gone through now and to help them get through their storms to help them realize how important it is to feed and nourish this temple that God gave us so we can better serve the people around us as well as serve God.  So this is sort of like a daughter of the book.

Tyora Moody:  The daughter of the book. I love how often times with a nonfiction book; you can really go beyond the book and do things like it sounds like you are bringing in some really awesome speakers for this week long telesummit so this is starting April 28, 2014. Tell us a little bit about your speakers and what people can expect when they register.

Renee Wiggins: People can expect this Change Your Mind, Change Your Temple, Change Your Life to help refocus their mindset. You know is the woman that bled for twelve years and she’s trying to get through the crowd to touch Jesus hands. Well this is what the program is about.

Dr. Kara Davis is an internist can help you change your life through spiritual living and secrets to a healthy heart.  She is a dynamic speaker. She’s a doctor who is studying to be a minister also. She knows about the spiritual and emotional needs that we need to nourish this body that God gave us.

Denine Rogers.  She’s master gardener and a registered dietitian like me. In addition, she’s also a holistic practitioner and a Culture Diversity Manager. So she takes all she knows into the garden with the plants, planting the right fruits. In the garden a lot our food are GNO – genetically modified, altered or they are hybrids. This being altered by man-made.

We have to begin by having a garden in our yard. It’s nice to even pluck your own tomatoes or cucumber right there on the patio or in your backyard or raised bed or if you live in an apartment in the pots that you have there is just very simple and gardening is sort of like a peace.

Elizabeth Madison, she is another registered dietitian. She started out being 300 lbs and now she is down to, I think about 150 lbs.  She talks about her weight loss transformation.  She is also a social worker.  She has combined her social worker and registered dietitian skills to help her clients achieve a healthier lifestyle.

LaTanyha Boyd, she’s going change your mind, change that stinky thinking into positive thinking. You know people are so negative. When they get up here on the bus their yelling at you or they don’t smile.  You have co-workers that frown, “What’s so good about the morning.” She is going to teach us to change our mindset. Remember Joyce Meyer says, “where our minds go, our body follows.”  So LaTanyha, she’s going to change that stinking thinking into positive thinking

Lynnis Woods-Mullins, she’s a holistic practitioner.  She has been in the health industry for over 20 years. She is coming from a background of human resource manager. So again she knows how to manage people lives and she’s going to be talking about healthy living.

Dr. France is a physical therapist and she is going to tell us how to change our temple with exercising your way to healing and longevity. She is teaching us that exercise is good for our bodies, but also to help us live longer.

Jasmine Simon and Marjorie Simon are both sisters. They are plant-based nutritionists and they are also chefs. They are going to tell us how they can take any food we know of and make it more vegetarian.  I have tried their meals.  It is fantastic. It tastes good and again we got the garden where we are we going to work with the food as well as plant-based diet. This is to help reduce our risk of heart disease and hypertension, and other chronic illness

Lastly, but not least it is me with my book Being Fabulously Fit in God’s Kingdom. I am going to talk about how we can build this kingdom brick by brick.

The 7-day summit is free and it is online. You can do it at your leisure but the sessions only exist for one day. So on Monday they come down so on Tuesday you get to hear a new speaker. It is all pre-recorded no excuse that you could not listen to the tape/session.

Tyora Moody: I did my registration this morning so I am looking forward to it. Being a literary entrepreneur I am always sitting down, writing or doing some literary service for a client.  So I’m looking forward to ways to change my lifestyle, physical and definitely eating a little better.  I am very excited about how these ladies who have their own gardens and who can show us how to change out some of that processed food that I’m guilty of eating.

The Literary Entrepreneur Podcast is about book marketing which some authors can’t seem to stand to do. Why do you think most authors don’t mind writing the book, but when it comes to book marketing, then they start to frown up and not feel too good about that part.

Renee Wiggins:  I think when anybody is trying to sell yourself, you get people that push back so you probably oversell.  Then you undersell, I know I probably undersell. When people want to know more from me personally when I try to sell, people kind of like to pushback.  I have learned I have to find a medium. But no one has taught that process.

We figure okay, I write the book and an agent, they are supposed to do it for you. No they are not. We need to focus on marketing and we need to find what we call a book marketing coach to help us focus our marketing.

I am just learning now. I know with my first book, I invested in a PR person but she didn’t go anywhere. Then, the second book I stepped out a little bit more and with the third book it was a little bit more. It was easier with the last book. I really learned how to market it more than I did from the first.

Either blogging to the Internet, booksigning , let people know, doing  speeches. So it was a constant thing. It’s not okay that I wrote the book and nobody’s going to know who you are or what good services you have or what you have to offer if you yourself don’t get out there. You yourself have to think that you are number one.  You gave birth to that baby that can help a lot of people.  You have to get out there and find those people and you got to really market to those people.

Tyora Moody: I so agree and I think you are doing a fabulous job with the telesummit that’s coming out on April 28 and if you’re interested in the Spiritual Body Building Telesummit: Change Your Mind, Change Your Temple, Change Your Life go to and register right now after this podcast you are listening to. Renee, people will be able to register April 28 and you can still register and even after April 28?

Renee Wiggins: Right. I’m allowing people to register afterwards. I would probably close the registration the fourth day but they can register and it’s free. And if they want to buy the tapes early at a discount price, but they can register even on the day even on the second day or the third day the idea is you can listen to these tapes at your time. It is now alive it is pre-recorded. So with the tapes you can listen eight in the morning or eight at night but it will come down. The next day we have a new tape. There are seven dynamic speakers, seven good tapes, seven good topics and one for each day of the week. You can’t beat that.

Tyora Moody:  No you can’t! I’m looking forward to tuning in as well. So I want to thank you once again for coming on The Literary Entrepreneur Podcast. I also want to wish you many blessings on the upcoming 2014 Spiritual Body Building Telesummit. That starts on April 28, hopefully many people will be registering and tuning in that week. We all need, especially now that its spring… the Winter is finally gone… yeah!

We really want to focus how we can be more nutritious, definitely build up that fitness and less stress so we can enjoy the Spring and the great weather.

Renee Wiggins: Thank you for inviting me.  I am glad that you did.  You have been a blessing.  All my book coaches and all those other people that have been around me have been a blessing to me.  Hopefully I am blessing to you too. So I want to thank you.  On April 28, I look forward to everybody participating.

Closing Remarks from Tyora Moody

All right, I hope you enjoyed this edition of The Literary Entrepreneur Podcast.  Renee Wiggins is doing some fabulous things when it comes to marketing beyond the book. Not just telling people to buy your book but actually giving them good, solid information that is growing her platform and growing herself as an author so that she can attract more readers to her books.

So I just want to close out by saying first of all if you have missed an episode… we are on episode six… now you can go to the to view or listen to any previous podcast.

I am going to close out by saying just as a reminder, you are more than an author, you are a literary entrepreneur.  Writing and marketing books is a business. Let’s learn how to tell the world about your book together.


Tyora Moody is the author of Soul-Searching Suspense novels in the Reed Family Novellas, Eugeena Patterson Mysteries, Serena Manchester Series and the Victory Gospel Series. She is also the author of the nonfiction book, The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, and the compilation editor for the Stepping Into Victory Compilations under her company, Tymm Publishing LLC.

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