TLE #023: Interview with Jeanette Hill @jeanettewhill, JWHill Productions

TLE #023: Interview with Jeanette Hill @jeanettewhill, JWHill Productions

Have you ever thought about adapting your book to being a stage production? Well you are in for a treat with today’s podcast as we sit down with award-winning playwright Jeanette Hill.

Podcast Show Notes

Jeanette shares:

  • The business side of producing a play from choosing a venue to selecting a cast to marketing the event.
  • Why word of mouth is going to the best type of marketing over any other types of promotion
  • What authors need to think about when attempting to adapt their book to a stage production
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About the Guest

Jeanette W. Hill is the founder and executive director of JWHill Productions, a theatrical production company and Sight Ain’t Seeing Productions, a 501(C) 3, a creative arts organization that serves under-represented and under-served communities.

Hill advises her consultancy clients to write like a winner: Diligently, daringly and with every fiber of their beings. Play-writing is a business and if anyone understands the business of play-writing and production it is Jeanette Hill.

The award-winning playwright (The Best Lesson, Dealing with Daddy’s Devils and The Silent City) seamlessly combines the best of traditional with urban theater. From a business perspective, Hill is a firm believer that art does not have to bow down to profit or lack of quality to be entertaining.

Jeanette Hill was featured in the documentary, “Black and Write,” and selected to participate in the D.C. Black Theatre Festival. She is the 2013 recipient of the Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival’s “People’s Choice Award for a Stage Play,” and the winner of the renowned Atlanta Black Theatre Festival’s “Best Staged Reading” award. And she is a winner of the 2014 Black Pearls Magazine Literary Excellence Awards.

Hill’s community activism is demonstrated in the projects she’s taken on such as anti-bullying campaigns as well as faith-based initiatives to promote the arts. She is a sought-after workshop facilitator, speaker and conference panelist.

The Akron, Ohio native currently works and resides with her family in Austin, Texas.



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