Vol 2. News from Smashwords, Visual Content Marketing and Fix That Website

Vol 2. News from Smashwords, Visual Content Marketing and Fix That Website

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Book Publishing News

This section focuses on happenings in the publishing industry

Recommended Reading

Email Marketing for Authors

I have a feeling that you may be like me. You know you need to have a mailing list, but you’ve (1) struggled with building the list and/or (2) you have a list and you don’t know what to email. Written Word Media explains the best practices for building, managing and measuring your email list.

Visual Content Marketing Ideas for Authors

Think about it. Your primary ways to attract readers start with your online platform which includes your website and/or blog and your social networks. All of these are very visual platforms these days. Learn how to use visual content to make their books visible to potential readers.

17 New Release Marketing Examples We Love

Are you getting ready for a book release?  BookBub gathered 17 of their favorite examples of authors and book marketers promoting new releases.

7 Ways Author Websites Irritate Readers (and what to do about it)

I tweak my author website a few times a year and I work with author clients on improving their websites via coaching sessions. I really liked the points in this article and will be taking another look at my website again. Hopefully you will do the same!

How to Stick to a Writing Routine 

To keep attracting readers (and keep loyal readers happy), authors should be spending time writing the next book. It’s so easy to get distracted! Just in time for “back to school,”  Nancy Erickson, The Book Professor shares some motivational tips.


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