Vol 4.  Book Price Promotion, Authors and Facebook Ads, Infographics and Bestselling Book Ideas

Vol 4. Book Price Promotion, Authors and Facebook Ads, Infographics and Bestselling Book Ideas

The week has gone by super fast after a long weekend.  I hope you like this week’s selection of articles. The articles on various book marketing techniques like ebook price promotion, Facebook ads … and even how to come up with profitable topics for your next book.

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How to Run a Successful Book Price Promotion

Once you’ve written a book and published it as an eBook, how do you find readers? That is one of the key questions all authors ask and Ricci Wolman ofWritten Word Media explains how to run a book price promotion.

5 Ways That Authors Can Use Facebook Advertising

Joanna Penn explains five ways that authors should use Facebook’s powerful advertising platform to target our reading audience.

5 Ways Authors Can Use Infographics to Market Books (+How To Create Them)

Infographics are a great way to represent information visually and they don’t necessarily have to show statistical data. If you have signed up for Pinterest and you’ve been looking for different ways to add original pins, infographics are highly recommended.

13 Proven Tools for Discovering Bestselling Book Ideas

You’re going need to bookmark this one! Authority Pub Founder and Amazon bestselling author Steve Scott talks about 13 ways to find your next book topic in this epic blog post.

Author Website Technology: 5 Must-Have Features

So what are the latest must-haves for your author website? Karin Bilich from Smart Author Sites, explains five features that she recommends for authors.


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