Vol 8. Amazon’s Review Policy Changes, Free Book Promotions and Book Bloggers

Vol 8. Amazon’s Review Policy Changes, Free Book Promotions and Book Bloggers

This week, we focus on Amazon’s updated policy on reviews, how to ensure free book promotions work for you, and how to reach out to bloggers for reviews.

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Amazon’s Update on Customer Reviews (No Freaking Out!)

No seriously you do NOT need to get upset. Read through the updated policy and be sure to read all the way to the bottom. In fact, skip to the bottom to get the real deal.  I included this link this week because its easier sometimes to read social media posts than to actually go to the source. Always go to the source and read for yourself.


How to Boost Blogger Interest in Reviewing Your Book

Penny C. Sansevieri states, “… bloggers do want to know about your book – you just need to make sure to tell them in the right way.”  She outlines steps to obtain more interest for your book!


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